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    • If you choose to have your cleaner work evenings (6pm onwards) or weekends, then we ask that the rate paid to the cleaner is increased by £1 per hour.
    • Please Note: In order to keep costs down, our cleaners will use your own materials and equipment.
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  1. Before you submit your booking, lets quickly review what you've selected.

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    John Smith
    Aston Knowles Ltd
    Sutton Coldfield
    B72 1XA
    16514 651 651
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    Your Cleaning Requirements

    2.5 hours Weekly
    £10.50 per hour
    Include Ironing Please
    Available on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday - Afternoons after 12pm (Please remember that if you request evening cleaning, there will be an unsociable hours supplement of £1 per hour payable to the cleaner)
    You don't want to meet your cleaner first - we'll send them straight in to clean.
    No Pets
    Send your request by clicking below - we'll get to work allocating your cleaner & will contact you as soon as possible. Please note your booking is not final until accepted by us by means of our acceptance letter.
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