Refund Policy

We are always happy to refund if your housekeeper is absent and we fail to provide a replacemnet. We will always refund if you have requested cover for a holiday or sickness and we have not been able to supply a replacement.

Cancellation of a one off or spring clean can be made no less than 48 hours before the service was scheduled to take place. If cancellation of the scheduled cleaning session is made within 48 hours Domestique Ltd reserves the right to charge the full fee.

If cancellation is made prior to 48 hours a full refund will be issued.

If Domestique fails to provide the service on the agreed day an alternative day will be arranged that is acceptable to the client. If no alternative date can be arranged within 7 days Domestique will refund the full charge of the service. Any refund due will be made within a further 7 days.